Other Kingdom was founded by Avantika Agarwal, Jess Fügler, and Tino Seubert in 2015. Hailing from India, the United States, and Germany, respectively, they combine diverse backgrounds and expertise, Eastern and Western aesthetic sensibilities, and a shared passion for exploring materials and modes of production.

After meeting in the Design Products MA program at the Royal College of Arts, Avantika, Jess and Tino, formed Other Kingdom as a way to collaborate after graduating and continue exploring their shared interests in production processes, materials, and new methods of making. O-K’s first collection debuted debuted to great acclaim during New York Design Week in 2016. New designs were developed every year with launches in showrooms, trade shows, and exhibitions globally. The O-K collection remained in production until 2022.

Friends Like Family, Matter Showroom
New York
London Design Festival, Monologue Showroom
2019 - 2016
NY Design Week, Sight Unseen OFFSITE
New York

Elzė Hoogduijn
Philippe Fragniere
Chris Witschy
Charlie Schuck

Craftsmen & Manufacturers

Other Kingdom’s designs are defined by the many talented craftsmen we have had the pleasure to work alongside. Our makers are sought out for their knowledge, skill, and willingness to experiment. 


Inquiries and requests can be sent to info@other-kingdom.com